401K Plan:

Eligibility requirements are:

  • Employees must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must have worked for Libra at least 1 year
  • Must have worked at least 1000 hours in that year.

Employees will be notified when eligible and receive further information. Employees who meet eligibility guidelines are able to participate in the 401K retirement plan only on January 1st or July 1st depending on when they become eligible. There are options for both employee and employer contributions. If an employee contributes 3%, Libra Support Services, LLC will match 3%. If an employee contributes 4%, Libra Support Services, LLC will contribute 3.5%. If an employee contributes 5%, Libra Support Services, LLC will contribute 4%. Employees interested in plan details or retirement planning information sessions should contact the Libra Support Services, LLC plan administrator as well as consult the summary plan document.

If an employee is not interested in participating in the 401K plan when eligible, they will be asked to complete an OPT-OUT form stating they are declining the opportunity.

Paid Time Off:

Full-time employees earn paid time off (PTO) as follows while maintaining continuous full-time employment:

Length of Employment                                                 PTO Earned

0 to 90 days                                                     No earned time off

90 days to 365 days                                         2 hours earned for each pay period working 70 or more hours

2nd through 3rd year                                          3 hours earned for each pay period working 70 or more hours

4th through 5th year                                          4 hours earned for each pay period working 70 or more hours

6th through 7th year                                          5 hours earned for each pay period working 70 or more hours

8th year and beyond                                         6 hours earned for each pay period working 70 or more hours

Employees may use their PTO as they choose for vacation, sick time, or personal time off. PTO will be used to maintain benefit eligibility, meaning if an employee receiving dental benefits has not worked at least 70 hours in that pay period, PTO will be used (if available) to maintain that status. PTO (if available) will be used for any full or partially scheduled shifts that are missed due to illness or personal reasons.

Employees working at more than one rate will have their PTO paid prorated to reflect the pay period in which they are paid their PTO.

Any and all partial or full day absences MUST use PTO if available.

All remaining PTO balances will be paid to employees on the last scheduled payroll prior to year-end.

Upon an employee’s request having at least one year of service, an employee may be granted an exception to carry over PTO to cover a vacation in the first three months of the following year. Any PTO carried over from the prior year to the 1st quarter of next year must be used by March 31st or the unused balances will be forfeited.

Medical and Dental Insurance Benefit:

Employees are eligible for available medical and dental coverage, through Health Partners on the first of the month following the current waiting period of 60 days (new hire) upon attaining full-time status. Employees that are re-hired or change status from part time to full time will have a 30-day waiting period after changing status. Insurance coverage will begin the first of the month following the waiting period. Libra Support Services, LLC contributes 55% of medical and 50% of dental insurance premiums for employees maintaining full-time status. Employees not working at least 70 hours in a pay period must use PTO if available to reach 70 hours to maintain benefit eligibility. Continued eligibility will be determined on a “rolling” quarterly basis. The average number of hours worked on a two-week basis will be calculated using actual hours worked and PTO hours used to maintain eligibility. Holiday pay is not considered hours worked. Employees will be notified when they no longer meet eligibility requirements and/or corrective action will be outlined to maintain eligibility for insurance benefits.

Premiums are calculated on a monthly basis and deducted each of the first two pay periods monthly. For those months having three pay periods, no premium is deducted in the third pay period. Coverage for other family members is available at full cost to the employee.

Additional Perks-

Health Partners offers a number of benefits to employees including discounts and an employee assistance program. See below for additional information on some, but not all the benefits:

  • Save money at your favorite gym. Work out 12 days or more each month and you’ll save up to $20 per person on your monthly membership.

Participating gyms include:

  • Anytime Fitness*
  • Curves
  • LA Fitness*
  • Life Time Fitness
  • Snap Fitness
  • And more!

Go to to search for other participating gyms.

  • Get discounts at other places too just use your HealthPartners member ID card to save money at loads of places to help you live a little healthier.

You can save money on:

  • Eyewear
  • Fitness and wellness classes
  • Healthy eating programs and delivery services
  • Healthy mom and baby products
  • Recreational equipment
  • Spa services
  • Swim lessons
  • And more!


  • Feeling stressed? Need help solving a family crisis? Is work so busy you don’t have time for anything else? Turn to your HealthPartners Employee Assistance Program (EAP). With EAP, you have access to free resources to help you with life’s everyday obstacles. Your EAP can help you with almost anything you can think of.
    • You’ll get 24/7 help with:
      • Making a budget
      • Finding child care
      • Managing stress on the job
      • Parenting tips and resources
      • Grieving
      • Adopting a new baby
      • Knowing what your legal options are
      • And more!
    • How to use your EAP:
      • Call 866-326-7194
      • Text 919-324-5523
      • Log on to comusing the password hpeap
      • Download the iConnectYou mobile app and use passcode 111032

Life Insurance Benefit:

Full time employees will receive a $25,000 term life policy on the first of the month following the current waiting period of 60 days (new hire) upon attaining full-time status. Employees that are re-hired or change status from part time to full time will have a 30-day waiting period after changing status. Insurance coverage will begin the first of the month following the waiting period. This benefit is 100% paid for by Libra Support Services, LLC and is no cost to the employee.

Current plan documents for all benefits are available for review. Libra Support Service, LLC reserves the right to change any or all aspects of the plans at any time.

Company Paid Holidays:

Six paid holidays are observed each year:

New Year’s Day                                Independence Day                 Christmas Day

Labor Day                                         Thanksgiving Day                     Memorial Day

Additionally, full-time employees are eligible for one Paid Leave Day (called a Floating Holiday) of their choice each calendar year. The employee will receive 8 hours paid for the day of their choosing. The employee must request use of their Paid Leave Day (Floating Holiday). The Paid Leave Day (Floating Holiday) must be used or it will be forfeited each calendar year.

To be eligible for any of the paid holidays: you must have completed 60 day waiting period for eligibility, you must be at FT status for at least 60 days and work at least 70 hours in the two-week pay period surrounding the holiday(s).

Employees will be paid eight hours of holiday pay but is not considered hours worked. Employees working at more than one rate during this pay period will be paid holiday pay prorated to reflect the hours worked during that pay period.

Any employee who works on the above holidays will receive holiday work pay at 1 ½ times their regular pay. Holiday work pay is not considered hours worked for the purposes of overtime.

In addition to the above holidays, holiday pay will be received by those employees working on Easter Sunday between the hours of 9am-7pm even though it is not a paid holiday.


Employee Referral Program (effective 4/1/2018):

Libra Support Services, LLC has had great success in finding future employees through the assistance of current employees. If a current employee refers a candidate for employment and that candidate is hired, the current employee will receive the following bonus scales for an employee that is referred and maintains employment at these benchmarks:

Employee Referral Bonuses:  Total = $1500.00

3 Months Employment – $250

6 Months Employment – $250

1 Year Employment – $1000

New Hire Employee Bonus Program: With satisfactory work goals & performance! (effective 4/1/2018):           

Signing Bonus:  Total = $750.00

3 Months Employment – $100

6 Months Employment – $250

1 Year Employment – $400

Performance Incentive Program: 

Staff can be promoted in their position from a DSP or Float I to advanced respective positions of II or III for certain categories by excelling at job duties for a six-month period.

Anchor Bank:

Any Libra Support Services, LLC employee that opens a checking account with Anchor Bank will have the advantage of maintaining an account with no minimum balance. They will also receive free checks. If an employee should get a mortgage with Anchor Bank, they are entitled to a 0.50% reduction on the mortgage origination fee along with competitive rates and free pre-qualification. This also applies to refinance options.

Verizon Wireless phone discount:

Verizon Wireless offers employees discounts on wireless data services based on employment or affiliation with an organization that has an agreement with us. Libra Support Services, LLC is an included organization within the Verizon Wireless employee discounts.

Libra Support Services, LLC employees who have service plans with Verizon Wireless will receive a 5% discount off their data package. Employees are also encouraged to discuss with the retailer exploration of any other eligible discounts they may be able to offer to coincide with their current plan.

An employee’s employment or affiliation status may change over time. Verizon Wireless will periodically ask employees to validate their current employment status with Libra Support Services, LLC to ensure they have accurate information regarding the company the employee works for and the discount for which the employee is eligible.

To validate your employment or affiliation with Libra Support Services, LLC that has an agreement with Verizon Wireless, complete the following steps:

  1. Go directly to any Verizon Wireless location
  2. Provide a Verizon store representative with a recent paystub within the last 30 days
  3. Provide the Verizon store representative with Libra Support Services, LLC’s employee 5% data discount access code: 3793819.