Client Testimonials

  • “I like my home, my roommates and the staff. They are very nice to me and take me to activities in the community”.

Team Member Testimonials: (Case managers)

  • “Very impressed by the responsiveness of staff and knowledge/expertise at this Libra home. It is very apparent that clients are top priority and that can be hard to find these days”.
  • “Professional-experienced staff!”.
  • “I have enjoyed Libra and their staff very much. My client and her family seem very pleased and the care is excellent”.
  • “Individual is being very well taken care of, is growing in his independence, and is very active and social in the community. He is very happy in his home and with the services being provided”.
  • “Libra is always helping individuals become more independent. Libra has good suggestions and ideas to better help those served. The team is very satisfied with all services”.

Team Member Testimonials: (Families/Guardians)

  • “We are so pleased with the house and staff. The individual is very happy and I never could have imagined a year ago that she would have adapted so well and liked it. All the staff are very good. Love this Libra house and how it is run. I feel like we really lucked out in finding it”.
  • “We feel so blessed to have our son living in an environment that is always so happy, very, very clean, and surrounded by people who truly want to be there. When we were looking for a good home for our son, our expectations were very, very high on where he would live, but I have always said from day one that Libra Support Services had even exceeded our expectations. They truly are the “Dream Team””.
  • “Excellent staff, desirable living conditions”.
  • “Couldn’t be happier with ALL the services provided by Libra”.
  • “Libra has been great and they are very good about finding solutions when problems arise”.
  • “We are always telling others and reminding ourselves how lucky we are to have our son move in and be a part of Libra Services. We looked so long and hard throughout the Twin Cities to find a perfect fit. When this opening came up; we just knew right away that this was his home. The owners and all the staff have been nothing less than our blessing. To know he is loved, watched and very well cared for is all a mother and father of a special needs child can hope for. We love you all very, very much”.