Libra Support Services Was Meant To Be

Libra Support Services was meant to be

Libra’s owners Stacy Luns and Craig Luns (no relation) first met in the 90’s working at a group home, supporting themselves while going to college. Craig’s career path grew into the field of biology and later business/finance, where he was a mortgage broker for many years. Stacy has always maintained her footing in the field of Human Services. Although, when Craig tells the story, he says he doesn’t know how she made it, because she was horrible in the beginning (in Stacy’s defense, this was a pretty tough place to work).

Over the years, Stacy worked for many organizations from Austin, to St. Cloud, to Winona, to the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Along the way, she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Services and Criminal Justice.

After these many years of working for other organizations (All being large organizations), Stacy began feeling very disenchanted in these work places. The individuals being served started to carry tags of the services that followed them. The homes were run down and uncared for.

The same situations occurred for the employees. In these organizations, you would rarely see the owners, if you did, they certainly wouldn’t know who the employees were, certainly not by name.
One day in 2005 Craig said, “This is crazy! Why don’t we start our own business? I know we can do it better!” So, they did, and Libra Support Services, LLC was given life. Libra’s first home was opened in 2006.

Stacy and Craig are both highly involved in the business. They know all the individuals being served, all the families, and all the employees. This is just how they wanted it to be!
What about the name Libra? Neither of the owners are ‘into’ the zodiac but when reading about the Libra sign, this is what is described: Libras are the ones that always want to make things right and have balance and harmony in their life, their surroundings and the lives of the people close to them.

This sounded like the description of the company they wanted to own.

You may have guessed it by now…… Stacy and Craig are both Libras.

What Makes Libra Unique?

*Owners you can SEE and TALK to, and are responsive.
*Program Supervisors and Directors that you can SEE and TALK to, and are responsive.
*Homes that are well-maintained inside and out.
*Each home has a vehicle that is safe for community transportation use.
*Planned, home cooked meals/menus. Frozen pizzas and boxed dinners are NOT the norm at Libra.
*Craig Luns, owner is an avid gardener. Each year the homes are stocked with fresh fruits, vegetables, homemade salsa and other garden made treats.
*Libra Support Services strongly believes in and supports being active in the community.
*Libra Self-Advocacy Group
*Libra Life Enrichment Group